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Scalewatcher - Technical description

Problems Caused by Hard Water

Calcite, the main cause of scale, is the most common form of calcium carbonate and occurs naturally as a natural ingredient of chalk, limestone and marble. Water passing over and permeating through such rocks dissolves calcite when this water subsequently flows through a water system the calcite precipitates out to form a very hard scale on surfaces.

When hard water is heated, or evaporation takes place, the problems are exacerbated. Calcite forms ever growing layers of rock-like deposits until eventually pipes, jets and equipment become totally blocked.

The problem increases as the water gets hotter. Water containing 145 ppm of calcite, flowing at 3.5 litres per minute, produces in one year 4.8 kilograms of scale at 60ºC. At 80ºC this rises dramatically to a massive 29.9 kilograms!

Scale wastes both energy and financial resources just one eighth of an inch of scale reduces heating efficiency by 25%. It is also very expensive to remove, de-scaling pipes and boilers alone costs British Industry over £800M each year.

The Benefits of Natural Hard Water

Natural hard water contains minerals and salts which in the main have positive health benefits. Medical evidence suggests that there are lower incidence of heart-related diseases in hard water areas.

The Scalewatcher Process

Scalewatcher is a unique, efficient, energy-saving device designed to eliminate the problems of hard water, whilst retaining the natural benefits. This is achieved by changing the size of the particles of precipitated compounds, by aiding the ability of crystals to form their shape, and by altering the solubility of compounds within liquid.

Scalewatcher takes the process of induced ionisation to its ultimate stage. The principles of Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) are applied by passing Scalewatcher's patented signal through a coil wrapped around the pipe to be treated. The signal consists of a frequency modulated (FM) wave form within the audio frequency (AF) bandwidth. This inaudible sonic frequency signal sets up a dynamic field around and through the coil, pipe and water, and modifies the calcium carbonate crystal nuclei.

The nuclei upon which the crystals start growing are minute in size and have charged surfaces in their natural condition within the water. When they pass through the field, these naturally charged nuclei encounter considerable forces as the field interacts with them. The field acts at the surfaces of the nuclei and modifies the nature of the electrical charges and this ionisation effect thus alters the growth rate and pattern of the crystals in general and on specific planes.

Scale Reduction

It is this changed size, modified charge and crystalline shape that has the first two beneficial properties for the reduction of scale.

1. The 2-4 micron sized crystals become non-sticky and will not coagulate or precipitate and form scale in the same way as untreated calcium carbonate nuclei would. This process is so effective that the water has been found to fell and behave like chemically softened water.

2. The presence of the large crystalline shapes disrupts the equilibrium between the fluid and any existing scale. Smaller particles in general, dissolve more easily, so the larger particles will have reduced the levels of calcite in solution. Hence, existing scale deposited by precipitation will soften and gradually be absorbed into solution and flow out of the system. In areas of still water, e.g. tanks etc., the soft scale would settle to the bottom and could then be removed simply by flushing.

It has been established that the physiochemical process already described is more efficient because the signal energy is dynamically changing. By changing the signal field at high audio frequencies, unique to Scalewatcher, the energy imparted to the nuclei is considerably accelerated. The crystal intra molecular structure is rapidly broken down and the occurrence causes a fast dissolution of any existing scale forming molecules.

An important property of Scalewatcher processed water is that the charged crystalline shape growth will remain in that state for up to 7 days. Thus in stored water systems the effect is much longer lasting than other ionisation methods, retarding the reversion back to the smaller nuclei structures that are readily precipitated.

Potability and Water Quality

The calcium carbonate remains in the water as soft crystals, not as hard scale therefore water treated with Scalewatcher should reduce the risk of Gallstones. Minerals which have now been taken out of solution and crystalised to a size greater than 1 micron could, if desirable, be reduced using a good quality on micron ceramic or stainless steel filter.

The generation of hydrogen peroxide is in minute quantities and readily converts back to water and oxygen. It is widely used as an antiseptic mouth wash, therefore presents no hazard to health.

The sodium content and degree of acidity (PH) remain unchanged. The generation of carbon dioxide invigorates the water but is not enough to cause bubbles.

If calcium sulphate, which causes scum as opposed to scale, if present it will also undergo a change. This increases the effectiveness of soap/detergents.

Scalewatcher is Unique

Scalewatcher uses a patented method of softening water without resorting to chemicals and should not be confused with other devices that have proved to be only partially effective. The fact that Scalewatcher can be seen to actually de-scale a water system is proof of its effectiveness. The low cost investment quickly reduces energy, maintenance, and repair/replacement costs and will pay for itself many times over during its expected life-span of 20-30 years.

Scalewatcher is your best choice for lime scale removal, lime scale problems. Control lime scale with Scalewatcher.

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